Bloons Player Pack 2 Guide Levels 41 to 50

bloons player pack 2

Level 41

17 bloons is the requirement for this level. With your first shot pop the mine bloon landing on the first wooden block smashing it. Next aim for the ice bloon with an angled shot so that it bounces off and hits the boomerang underneath. With the boomerang you can pop the remaining bloons.

Level 42

In order to complete this level you must pop 64 bloons. Firstly aim at the pin bloon to the left of monkey, hopefully it will eliminate the bomb bloon setting off a chain reaction that in turn will release the Pac man in the top most row. Use the Pac man to eat through to the right side of the screen going under the horizontal wall so it can eat up the mine bloons and light sabre. The remaining bloons will be popped by the mine bloons

Level 43

The target for this level is 19 bloons. Bouncing off the lower rubber wall should pop the bomb bloon in the left hand upper group. Next bounce your shot off the left hand upright rubber wall to pop the bomb bloon near monkey. Lastly hit the Pac man who will then eat the remaining bomb bloon which in turn will pop all the rest

Level 44

the target to complete this level is 40 bloons. This is one of the hardest level in the 50 so patience is the key to success. With your first shot you should aim at the group in the centre of the screen freeing the boomerang in the process. This is done by bouncing the dart off the left hand rubber wall, hitting the underneath of the horizontal wall into the bay area. Below monkeys’ foot is the bomb bloon which is your next target so hit that with the boomerang. Next bounce off the wall to pop the mine bloons and light sabre, finishing with two of the ice bloons which makes this a difficult shot as you must not pop all three ice bloons at this stage because it will freeze the Pac man bloon as a result

Your next shot is hard. You must run your dart across the top of the ice bloons that are frozen to release Pac man. With Pac Man eat the three bloons closest, then the light sabres in the middle of your screen which will release another boomerang. Use the boomerang to hit the frozen bloons and take out the ice bloon.

Level 45

The target for this level is 38 bloons. Bounce your first shot off the rubber wall at the bottom, up to release the Pac man, who can then eat the bloons at the right top of the screen. Next aim for the boomerang on the left at the top using it to eliminate the tower of bloons below monkey. Lastly aim for the group of bloons on the left plus the ice bloon to reach your target

Level 46

98 bloons is the target for this level. With your first shot bounce your dart off the rubber wall vertically to the right of the screen at the back hopefully reaching the top corner to pop most of the bloons in that area. This shot isn’t easy by any means but with practice can be achieved. This shot will set off a chain reaction releasing a triple dart bloon that you can shoot off the left hand rubber wall bouncing the dart around to pop lots of bloons in that area. Practice makes perfect with this level so good luck

Level 47

The target to complete this level is 37 bloons and is in my opinion the most difficult to complete but is possible with perseverance. Aim your first dart at the bomb bloon in the right hand group which consequently will pop the ice bloons and release the boomerang which you throw into the group of bloons above monkey while also popping the triple dart bloon this is imperative) Next using all the power you can muster aim for the blue bloon in the bottom left corner of the middle group. At the same time one of the darts must bounce of the vertical wall on the left popping the bloons above the horizontal rubber wall. Last but not least pop as many bloons above monkey as possible so achieving the target required


6 bloons is the target of this level. Aim your first shot to the centre of the screen slightly left popping the diagonal red and green bloons. This will set off a sequence that sees the darts bounce around popping enough bloons to reach your target

Level 49

The target of this level is 99 bloons. Arc your first shot over the middle upright wall popping the light sabre which in turn frees the mine bloons that pop a host of other bloons. Next hit the two bomb bloons at the top using two darts. These will then pop some of the ice bloons. With your third dart release the boomerang throwing it through the group of ice bloons popping bloons in the middle group then returning to pop more ice bloons. Next aim for the last three ice bloons then as your dart arcs downwards it should hit the pin bloon in the lower group on the right which will start a chain reaction. Lastly aim for the bomb right beneath monkey, this will pop the surrounding ice bloons leaving one dart to pop the final ice bloons.

Level 50

17 bloons is the target to complete this level and apparently is called brain challenge which is quite apt. First pop the triple dart bloon using them to fire at the centre of the line of bloons underneath you. As this happens one of the three darts loops back popping the boomerang within the hole in the left hand wall plus the green bloon by monkeys head. Lastly use the boomerang to pop the two groups of bloons that are left. Back to Levels 21 to 40.

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