Bloons Player Pack 3 Guide Levels 21 to 40

Level 21

The target for this level is 30 bloons. You have three darts for this level so use them wisely. Firstly aim for the red and green bloons on the right above monkeys head in the horizontal line up. Arc the shot slightly so it will travel along to hit the bomb bloon over the small wooden wall. With your next dart aim for Pac man then eat your way to the right along the line of horizontal bloons. Next aim at the space to the left of the screen with the triple dart releasing the second triple dart in the process. Use this second triple to pop the bloons to the left which should give you enough to complete the level

Level 22

46 bloons is the target of this level. There are only three darts available while with a crowded screen of ordinary bloons it does look complicated. Firstly aim at the two top yellow and green bloons of four that are at the right hand side of monkey. You also need to hit the red bloon within this first shot that is just under monkey so aim carefully. Next aim for the other two bloons of the group of four so also hitting the green bloons in the line just underneath. Thirdly aim just below monkey for the three red bloons which should see you with a high enough total to pass the level

Level 23

You must pop 38 bloons to reach the target of this level. You are aiming your first shot at the special bloons situated through the hole in the bottom chamber to the right. Next aim for the solitary wooden block above monkey, then the bomb bloon above where the wooden block was. Lastly using an arc pop the third ice bloon from the right on the horizontal group which should in turn pop sufficient ice bloons to reach your target to complete the level

Level 24

The target for this level is 57 bloons using only one dart which is no mean feat. Use a high arc shot so that your dart drops into the space between the two upright rubber walls hitting the top light sabre of two, starting a chain reaction releasing the Pac man. Use Pac man to eat through the lone wooden block above him, then along to eat the bomb bloon at the end of that row of bloons so cleaning up the screen

Level 25

107 bloons is this levels target with three darts to use. First aim for the pin bloon over monkey’s head which will start a chain reaction so clearing that chamber of bloons. Second shot is aimed below monkey so it will bounce around to clear that area. Lastly aim at the pin bloon next to monkey creating a chain reaction that will release Pac man situated in the bottom right corner of the screen. Next eat your way along to the right popping all the bloons then releasing Pac man number two. This Pac man needs to go back, and then eat upwards releasing Pac man number three who eats the top row of bloons and the lone wooden block releasing Pac man number four. The fourth Pac man needs to turn back to the top of the neighbouring row eating down, along and then back up again eating the ice bloon on his travels.

Level 26

The target of this level is 18 bloons. Aim your first dart for the space between the vertical red and green bloons in the group on the left. Your shot should ricochet off the rubber wall popping bloons in the other groups. Next aim at the green bloon that remains in the left hand group so bouncing back hitting the orange bloon plus ice bloons situated to the right of your screen. Lastly aim your shot slightly to the right but vertical so it hits the top then drops back down to pop the remaining ice bloon

Level 27

The target of bloons for this level is 8.Each group of bloons on this level contains an ice bloon. It is not always easy to see as in two of the groups they are almost hidden by the clouds. Firstly with an arc shot pop the ice bloon in the middle of the screen while also popping the orange and green bloon in the group on the lower right of the screen. Next aim at the mine bloon at the top of the screen that will in turn pop all the other bloons a sit explodes.

Level 28

The target to complete this level is 48 bloons. Aim your first shot along the line to pop the five bloons on the lower right also popping the boomerang. Use the boomerang to throw at the two lines of bloons in the centre between the ice bloons. Next with an arc shot pop the mine bloons in the row at the top of the screen which will explode taking out the remaining bloons as they go just leaving a green plus ice bloon to get rid of with your last shot

Level 29

The target for this level is 40 bloons. Aim first for the top row of bloons namely the three on the right bouncing off the rubber brick to pop a few more while at the same time you should pop the pin bloon in that group that is under monkey to the left. Aim next at the bottom of the screen for the triple dart bloon on top of the lone rubber brick. Using the triple dart aim at the group below monkey so eliminating all the bloons in that area.There is another triple dart bloon in the bottom right corner aim for that next using it to arc to the top of the screen in the middle to hit the lone rubber brick so releasing the boomerang. Throw the boomerang at the few bloons that are left above monkey

Level 30

The target for this level is 24 bloons. You have only five darts to pop 10 ordinary bloons plus ice bloons within five clusters. Aim first for the corner on the right at the top of the screen popping the four ice bloons. Next aim for the bottom to pop the middle two ice bloons so the shot will bounce off to hit most of the ice bloons in the bottom row of bloons. Aim your next dart at the group that is horizontal in the lower right of the screen followed by an arc shot to hit the top left group of ice bloons. Lastly another arc shot to pop the top row of ice bloons in the centre to the left

Level 31

The target to complete this level is one bloon that is encircled by a metal wall. Aim for the ice bloon in the bottom right corner sound easy but it is hidden quite well. Aim hard and accurately and job done!

Level 32

Just the opposite of the previous level there are 152 bloons to pop to complete. Aim an arc shot so that it drops into the chamber bounces and pops the triple dart bloons but not the Pac man. Fire the triple darts into the bottom chamber popping the boomerangs that you can use to pop the remaining bloons in that area. Next fire a powerful arc shot into the upper chamber to hit the farthest away pin bloon followed by a shot to release Pac man who you can use to eat the remaining bloons in that chamber. Finally pop the rest of the bloons in the lower area with your last shot

Level 33

18 bloons is the target you need to complete this level. Aim with an arc shot for the orange bloon causing a chain reaction that will pop all the bloons under the horizontal wall so giving you your target score.

Level 34

The target for this level is 20 bloons. Aim for the ordinary bloons bouncing off the rubber wall releasing the boomerang which is used to throw among the remaining bloons in that group beginning with the regular bloons to avoid them from being frozen. Next use your final dart to arc a shot popping the mine bloon on the right which will cause the shot to bounce off and pop the other mine bloons

Level 35

The target for this level is 16 bloons. You need to carefully arc your shot to pop all the bloons. This may mean resetting the level a few times to achieve your score

Level 36

16 bloons is this levels target. Aim your shot through the small space in between the second and third rubber brick so making the dart bounce to pop all the required bloons. It is best to disregard the blue bloon from the outset

Level 37

The target of this level is 12 bloons that you have a single dart to complete, plus there is a metal wall to contend with again. Arc your shot over the wall to the left dropping down to the light sabres that will release your darts. Use the same type of shot on the right hand side of the screen to pop the remaining bloons

Level 38

The target of this level is 54 bloons. Aim for the light sabre close to monkey with your first shot causing a chain reaction. Next, aim for the light sabre on the left at the top of the screen setting off another chain reaction. If any bloons remain you can hit them with your remaining darts

Level 39

7 bloons is the target to complete this level. Aim for the rubber brick beneath monkey, it should bounce to hit the other rubber brick rebounding to pop the light sabre in the middle. This will set off a chain reaction releasing Pac man who you can use to eat the bomb bloon on the right of the screen leaving the ice bloons in tact

Level 40

108 bloons is the target for this level. Using full power aim your first dart at the middle of the right hand group of rubber bricks causing a chain reaction, followed by a gentler shot in the same direction which causes another chain reaction releasing the Pac man on the top right. Use the Pac man to eat the frozen bloons on the top left followed by the mine bloon. Bounce your remaining darts off the upright rubber wall down onto the rubber horizontal plateau then hopefully dropping to pop the remaining bloons. Back to Levels 1 to 20 | Forward to Levels 41 to 50

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