Bloons Insanity Guide Levels 21 to 40

Bloons Insanity Guide

Level 21

The target for this level is 21 bloons. Fire your first dart so that it hits the rubber brick at the top bouncing off to hit the light sabre causing a chain reaction. Your next shot should be aimed using a slight arc to make it over the metal brick to hit the second extra dart. As the chain reaction caused finishes use that dart to hit the boomerang which you use to throw at the group of bloons in the top right corner.

Level 22

You will need to pop 11 bloons to complete this level. Fire your first dart so that it bounces off the lone rubber brick that is situated beneath the orange bloon. It should pop the orange bloon as well as bouncing and popping the mine bloon. The mine bloon will then hit the light sabre on the right causing a chain reaction that will release more darts. Waste no time waiting for the chain reaction but fire downwards to hit the wooden bricks so hitting the mine bloon too.

Level 23

The target for this level is 36 bloons. There is a wooden block in front of the rainbow bloons, aim your first shot at this block then arc a shot to take out the bottom line of rainbows releasing an extra dart. Shoot again to get the other rainbow bloons before they have time to float up, then again to pop the rest. Your next shot should be aimed over monkey to hit the extra dart bloons of which there are two. This same shot should hit the bomb bloon which will pop the others too. While this is happening you need to fire a shot upwards to hit the pin bloon at the top. This will cause a chain reaction so popping the light sabres and completing the level.

Level 24

9 bloons is the target you need to complete this level. First shoot at the mine bloon that is situated above monkeys head at the top of your screen. This shot should fall and pop one of the pin bloons causing a chain reaction that will leave you with a rainbow bloon plus one frozen bloon. The rainbow bloon is the one you need to hit so arc your shot to hit the rainbow bloon as it pops out of the hole in the metal bricks.

Level 25

To complete this level you will need to pop 15 bloons. First aim to remove the top wooden block in the upright wall, as well as the mine bloon. Secondly fire a very slight horizontal arc to hit the pin bloons that will give you the required score as they cascade down.

Level 26

8 bloons is the target of this level. You have two darts that both require firing swiftly in succession. Firstly aim for the group of rainbow bloons then secondly pop them before they have time to float up to the top of the screen.

Level 27

The target for this level is 34 bloons. Your first dart needs to arc plus bounce over the upright wall hitting the first brick so it will bounce along releasing the extra dart for you. With a slight arc aim for the pin bloons that will in effect clear the screen.

Level 28

The target for this level is 19 bloons. Fire your first shot through the rainbow bloon so it hits the rubber bar, bounces so hitting the mine bloons in the area beneath which should release the extra dart bloon to the right. Watch for the rainbow bloon as it comes toward the ice bloon fire at the rainbow bouncing off as soon as it freezes so ricocheting across into the top group popping the pin bloon that will in turn pop the rest.

Level 29

The target for this level is 4 bloons initially using one dart. Aim your first shot next to monkey to hit the boomerang. Throw the boomerang over the wall at the right so it bends back hitting the mine bloon that will release another boomerang that you throw over the wall to the left popping the green bloon on the way back.

Level 30

24 bloons is the target for this level which consists of pin bloons and rainbow bloons alone. Arc your first dart to hit the pin bloons causing a chain reaction popping the rainbows plus destroying them before they float up. Should you have a couple of rainbows that you did not pop you can use your second dart to get these.

Level 31

17 bloons is this levels target. Aim your first shot using a gentle arc to skim off the orange bloon that is over monkeys head so hitting the blue bloon near the rubber block. Hopefully your dart will drop down popping the blue bloon while bouncing to pop the two green bloons.

Secondly using a s much power as you can aim for the orange bloon in the left corner at the top of the screen so bouncing off a rubber block and bar to pop the blue bloon. The sequence will continue, descending to hit the vertical row of bloons so releasing the boomerang for you to throw at the group on the left. This leaves one dart which you aim to bounce off the rubber brick to bounce and hit the last blue bloon.

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